Welcome to Horizons by Holiday Inn Club Vacations Incorporated, the first place to turn when canceling or selling timeshares is on your mind.

We care about everyone who owns with us, from Silverleaf and Orange Lake Resorts (now Holiday Inn Club Vacations Incorporated) owners to Holiday Inn Club® members.

Although we want to see you continue to enjoy your vacations, we know personal situations can change over time, and the road ahead may seem unclear. That’s why we created Horizons, a free, easy service offered by our company. If you’re ready to get out of your timeshare permanently and never pay maintenance fees again, this program was designed for you.

With a rise in fears over the COVID-19 pandemic, the American Resort Development Association Resort Owners’ Coalition is warning consumers of timeshare exit companies attempting to take advantage of this uncertain time. To learn more, please read the full press release here.

If you’re exploring possible next steps in your vacation ownership or even thinking about selling your timeshare, we would like to know that too. There may be options open to you, and we’re here to help you make the best decision for you and your family.

Thinking of canceling or selling your timeshare? Horizons is here for you.

To make sure you get the best assistance, please verify your owner details:

How to get out of your timeshare safely

Helpful information about timeshare exit options with Holiday Inn Club Vacations Incorporated

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about timeshare cancellation

How can I detect fraudulent activity when attempting to sell or cancel my timeshare?

There are many fraudulent timeshare exit companies in the marketplace who constantly solicit timeshare owners with false information. Here are a few red flags that reflect techniques they typically use:

  • Upfront fee requirements for resale or exit “service” (Horizons is a free service that requires no upfront fees)
  • Attempting to discredit your timeshare product
  • Requests to complete fill-in-the-blank questionnaires that presume negative allegations against your resort
  • Invitations to off-property meetings (at hotels, restaurants, etc.)
  • Scare tactics about legal claims against your resort
  • Warnings of forced payment of maintenance fees through inheritance

Be aware that third-party companies promising to get you out of your obligations rarely, if ever, have any legal basis to do so. Rather, they write baseless complaints on behalf of owners in an effort to put pressure on developers. In the end, the developers foreclose on those owners, who then end up with damaged credit.

Despite the harm to owners, many third-party scammers count such foreclosures as “successful” exits from timeshare. And they craft owner agreements that allow them to retain their upfront fees despite the foreclosure results.

Horizons can accomplish the same results promised by the exit company scammers, without the fees and without the danger to your credit.

What promises should I be aware of when I look for companies to get me out of my timeshare?

You should use caution if a company promises to transfer or cancel your timeshare or eliminate your maintenance fees. Because they are not affiliated with Holiday Inn Club Vacations Incorporated and have nothing to do with the Horizons program, they are unlikely to be able to help you and almost always pose a greater financial risk to you. If you want to stop paying maintenance fees, Horizons is your best avenue to explore.

What guarantees should I be cautious about when I’m confronted by another company promising to cancel my timeshare?

Be wary of any timeshare exit company that guarantees to be able to cancel your timeshare within a certain amount of time. Horizons will not recognize any attempted coordination from third-party exit companies.

Can I sell my timeshare?

The ability to sell your timeshare (rather than cancel it) depends on several factors, including your ownership type and whether you have a mortgage (see below). If selling your timeshare is your goal, the best way to start is by contacting your developer/ownership company directly to discuss your options.

Are timeshare exit and resale companies legitimate?

There any many different companies in the timeshare exit and resale marketplace, and the services they claim to offer vary. In our experience, virtually all of the claims made by these third-party companies are inaccurate, far more expensive and often fraudulent.

Horizons can offer faster, more accurate help with no fee because it is part of your timeshare company. Third-party scammers have nothing to do with your timeshare—they only want to use your status as an owner for their financial gain.

Does your company work with any outside companies for timeshare cancellation?

We do not endorse or work with any other person or company promising to help you get out of your timeshare product. If you are approached by any third-party organization claiming to represent us, it is likely you are dealing with fraudulent activity. For example, they may refer to themselves initially by phone as “owner services” when in fact they have nothing to do with owner services at our company. If this happens to you, simply hang up and contact Horizons directly instead.

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Know your ownership type and contact us first

If you’re an owner without a mortgage and find yourself unable to use your timeshare as you’d hoped due to financial hardships, health issues or other unforeseen difficulties, you may qualify for one of our safe and secure options to exit your ownership with us. Simply contact us for details and next steps.

If you have a mortgage and are looking to sell your timeshare or exit your ownership, there may still be options available to you. Every owner’s situation is different (including those wishing to sell Holiday Inn Club Vacations or Silverleaf timeshares), so we want to hear from you.

What you can expect from us when asking about canceling or exiting your timeshare

Once you reach out to us, our Horizons team will review your ownership details to help you assess your timeshare cancellation options. We’ll contact you at a time that’s convenient for you, answer all your questions about canceling or selling your timeshare and make sure all your concerns are addressed.

We’ll explain the timeshare cancellation options we offer, as well as the process, requirements and expectations for any steps available to you. In addition, we’ll provide you with valuable information about potential pitfalls in the third-party timeshare exit and resale marketplace. Use the form above to contact us today.

Whether you’ve owned with us for 30 years or are just starting out, we appreciate you being a part of our resort family.

When you’re ready to talk about canceling your timeshare and ending your journey with us, just fill out the form on this page so we can discuss your potential options. We always look forward to hearing from you.

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